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Wedding Venue in Skibbereen

A splendid Victorian Manor perched atop a hill in West Cork.

Situated just beyond Skibbereen, the entrance to its estate opens onto a winding, meticulously maintained road that meanders through stunning grounds for about a kilometer, culminating in the arrival at this 19th-century hideaway

Liss Ard Estate aerial view

Nestled in the heart of Ireland's captivating Wild Atlantic Way, an iconic region that serves as the quintessential postcard of Ireland, lies The Liss Ard Estate.


Renowned for its breathtaking coastline, picturesque green countryside, charming villages, and its status as the cultural and culinary capital of Ireland, this locale sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Liss Ard Estate stands as West Cork's premier venue for intimate weddings among close family and friends, with a commitment to hosting a select number of five weddings annually.


The exclusive weddings unfold within the Manor, catering to gatherings of approximately 100 guests or fewer, transforming each celebration into a destination wedding characterized by iconic landscapes, award-winning cuisine, and exquisite wines.


The Liss Ard Estate wedding experience spans a minimum of three days, commencing with a Rehearsal Dinner, followed by the Wedding Reception, and culminating in a late lunch or early dinner, often set against the backdrop of the inviting Terrace.


Within the estate, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in an almost transcendental encounter by gazing at the sky from the Sky Garden.


The property also serves as an exceptional launching pad for embarking on explorations along the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland's most renowned and picturesque coastline.

What distinguishes Liss Ard Estate as an extraordinary venue for weddings is its iconic landscapes, serene ambiance, grand Manor, and refined rooms.

Liss Ard Estate Wedding Sky Garden
James Turrell's Sky Garden at Liss Ard Estate

James Turrell's Sky Garden at Liss Ard Estate 

It is a one-of-a-kind and awe-inspiring retreat for those who appreciate both art and nature.


This expansive open-air viewing crater is specifically crafted to highlight the celestial wonders through a sequence of meticulously designed light installations.


As the sun and stars traverse the sky, the installation transforms, providing a constantly changing and dynamic artistic encounter.

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