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Getting married in Italy: 7 Top tips

Aggiornamento: 8 giu 2022

A great way to get the planning started step by step

Wedding in Como
Wedding in Como


Italy is definitely an attractive place to get married, and there are so many places that firstly you will have to narrow down your region according to your preferences among lakes, rural villages, beaches, rows of cypress trees, beautiful vineyards, historic cities, heritage towns.

To give you an idea, here you can find the most popular places for an amazing wedding in Italy from which you can choose from:

Lake Como: Stunning views on the lake, mountains are reflected in the water, terraced gardens typical of the Italian style, Villa by the lake, and, on top of that, water taxi ride on the lake for unforgettable photos.

Venice: A combination of Byzantine and Moorish style with suspended palaces on water, magnificent yellow glow at sunset, the well known Carnival, gondola ride.

Verona: The city of lovers, Romeo and Juliet, wine tasting, embark on a day trip to Lake Garda.

Tuscany: The renaissance art, its rich artistic legacy, medieval towns, masserias, charming farmhouses, calm, lot of food, wine and its vineyards, and rolling screen-saver hills.

Rome: Beauty can be found in almost every corner, this is the Eternal city, take a dip in Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

Italy's most iconic coasts, Amalfi, Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Ravello : Stunning hilltop towns, breathtaking coastal scenery, stunning water views, colorful towns, the aroma of lemons,

sailing, cliff-side with panoramic views of the glistening coastline, boutiques, linen dresses...

Apulia: Views of the surrounding olive groves and the deep blue Mediterranean, masserias, palm trees, exceptional cuisine, blue unspoiled waters, laid-back holiday life.

Sicily: Arabian nights, greek influences, oranges, traditional food, colorful fabrics, warm and friendly people, untouched beauty, luxurious beaches, stunning archaeological sites.


The two best months to get married in Italy are May and September, during this time the weather is nice and few people around.

June, July, and August are also top choices if you like warm weather and a low chance of rain, but some areas like Rome could be more crowded this time of year.

Nevertheless, even in October, you could find good weather (not being high season you can save money).

Moreover, you won’t have dates booked, so you can choose freely your date.

Last but not least, the month of August is a holiday in Italy (except for tourism), then everything slows down.

Furthermore, venues are usually more expensive and shops and businesses are closed.


First off you will have to narrow down your region and geographical area.

At the same time, try to figure out your preference about the type of venue that better reflects your view, and your style for your big day and the choice is all yours!

Would you love to get married in a villa by the lakes or on the hills of Tuscany?

Or even on the south sea of Apulia? Or else the stunning coastline of Amalfi?


As you know, Italy is one of the most targeted countries for destination weddings, then plan ahead, you can start booking church and venue up to 12 to 20 months in advance.

Booking a venue a considerable time before is remarkably better than finding out your preferred wedding venue isn't available for the dates you want.


Destination weddings in Italy host on average from 50 to 100 guests.

Then, you have to consider the logistic aspects of your guest’s transportation from the airport to the hosting venue and vice-versa.


A local wedding planner will be able to manage many tasks and coordinate every finer detail of your wedding, as well as ensure that every guest arrives safely at the destination.

I’ve been working with well-known wedding planners throughout Italy that can help you out.

I am familiar with the local area, I speak Italian and English and I have established a great network of relationships, which means you can actually save money, as well as time and stress!

Moreover, a wedding planner will also be invaluable when it comes to all the legals aspects related to your specific case.


Take into account creating a wedding website; a destination wedding in Italy means communicating a fair amount of logistics with your guests, for this reason, a wedding website will help you complete a number of planning to-dos, just like sharing travel tips and the wedding itinerary to sending digital invites and accepting RSVPs.

Wedding in Tuscany, Italy
Wedding in Tuscany, Italy

Wedding in Amalfi, Italy
Wedding in Amalfi, Italy

Wedding in Apulia, Italy
Wedding in Apulia, Italy

Wedding on Maggiore Lake, Italy
Wedding on Maggiore Lake, Italy

Wedding on Como lake, Italy
Wedding on Como lake, Italy

Wedding in Tuscany Vineyards, Italy
Wedding in Tuscany Vineyards, Italy

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