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Wedding Venue in Dublin

Nestled behind a breathtaking castle façade, adorned with dedicated art galleries, and boasting original 12th-century architecture, Clontarf Castle Hotel sets the stage for an enchanting wedding celebration.

Clontarf Castle with Christmas lightning


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Clontarf Castle is known for its historical significance and unique architecture.


Many wedding venues with historical settings provide a charming and distinctive atmosphere for couples and their guests.

Discover the uniqueness of Clontarf Castle as your wedding venue, offering a range of options for couples seeking an extraordinary celebration.


During the winter season, Clontarf Castle Hotel transforms into an enchanting haven.


The festive ambiance is kindled by crackling log fires and melodious carols, enveloping the entire castle in a romantic medieval atmosphere.


From beginning to end, your winter wedding at Clontarf Castle promises to be a celebration filled with warmth and festive joy.

What makes Clontarf Castle stand out

8 reasons to choose it :

  1. Historic Charm

  2. Breathtaking Architecture

  3. Dedicated Art Galleries

  4. Variety of tailored wedding packages 

  5. Landscaped Gardens

  6. Romantic Outdoor Terrace

  7. Conveniently situated just on the outskirts of Dublin

  8. Luxurious Accommodations

Wedding Ceremony at Clontarf Castle

Clontarf Castle Hotel is licensed to host civil ceremonies – unique, intimate occasions with guaranteed exclusivity for guests.


The expert wedding team offers a thoroughly personal touch, with a level of care and attention that enables guests to relax and soak up every precious moment.


The Viking Suite is a tranquil space with luxurious purple and silver tones, perfect for an intimate civil ceremony or blessing.


Clontarf Caastle Wedding Ceremony

Clontarf Castle Accommodation

Accommodation at Clontarf Castle offers a luxurious and memorable stay, blending historic charm with modern comfort. Each room and suite is meticulously designed to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.

The castle's guest rooms are elegantly appointed, featuring contemporary amenities while maintaining the castle's unique character. Guests can expect plush bedding, stylish furnishings, and thoughtful touches throughout their stay.

For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, Clontarf Castle offers suites that exude opulence and refinement. These suites boast spacious layouts, sumptuous décor, and stunning views of the castle grounds or Dublin Bay.

Wedding Reception and Dinner at Clontarf Castle

Clontarf Castle offers several options for couples seeking a distinctive wedding venue, ranging from grand celebrations in The Great Hall Ballroom to intimate gatherings in the Viking Suite.


The Great Hall can host upwards of 120 guests
The Viking Suite is for up to 80 guests
Indigo Lounge is ideal for champagne receptions, outdoor dining, and evening festivities.

The Viking Suite at Clontarf Castle

Planning your Wedding Day at Clontarf Castle

To ignite your creativity as you embark on planning your special day, the wedding team has curated a diverse range of options to suit various preferences and budgets.


Recognizing that each couple is unique, they are also prepared to craft a personalized experience that encapsulates your own style.

Wedding at Clontarf Castle Dublin

Clontarf Castle Wedding cost and Wedding Packages

"THE CHARMED" Package €89 per person

"THE FAIRYTALE" Package €99 per person

"THE MAJESTIC" Package €109 per person

More info:

Planning your Wedding at CLONTARF CASTLE ? 


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The Wedding Photos at Clontarf Castle

Outdoor Photos:

Capturing outdoor wedding photos at Clontarf Castle during the nighttime is an enchanting experience, as the castle comes alive with breathtaking illumination. 


As the sun sets and darkness descends, the castle's exterior is bathed in a mesmerizing glow, creating a magical backdrop for your photographs.

Against this backdrop, couples can pose for romantic portraits, framed by the castle's majestic architecture and twinkling lights.


The soft illumination enhances the beauty of the surroundings, adding an extra touch of romance and elegance to every shot.

Clontarf Castle Night Wedding

Indoor Photos:

Indoor wedding photos at Clontarf Castle during the night, particularly at the entrance where the illumination is simply stunning, offer a captivating backdrop for capturing timeless moments.


Positioned beneath the grandeur of a magnificent chandelier, couples can strike poses that exude elegance and romance.

As the warm glow of the chandelier cascades down, illuminating the scene with soft and enchanting light, every detail is highlighted, from the intricate architecture of the castle's entrance to the subtle expressions of the couple.

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Discover a Real Wedding at Clontarf Castle:



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