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Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Photography


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White Bride at Luttrellstown Castle



First dance at Luttrellstown Castle

I’m Stefano, a Dublin Wedding Photographer specializing in capturing natural moments and genuine emotions.

My approach is perfect for couples who prefer candid photos over posed ones, focusing on guests enjoying their special day.

The best wedding photography allows you to plan a joyful celebration without missing precious moments with loved ones.

In Ireland, it's about capturing the laughter and connections; from morning preparations and the ceremony to the reception, portraits with loved ones, heartfelt speeches, and dancing late into the night.

Wedding photography in Ireland captures the essence of your celebration:

from the morning preparations and the ceremony to the reception, intimate portraits, cherished moments with loved ones, heartfelt speeches, and joyful dancing throughout the evening.

I operate discreetly, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in your day.

As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I have access to stunning local venues and picturesque surroundings, enhancing the backdrop for your wedding memories.

Throughout the wedding day, I strive to capture those unique moments and genuine expressions that narrate a compelling story and preserve the essence of your special day.



Be sure to explore the wedding portfolio to appreciate the artistry truly
of Ireland Wedding Photographer Stefano Ferrier


History, stunning setting
and beauty

Wedding Photography at Luttrellstown Castle

Wedding photos at Luttrellstown Castle are nothing short of a fairytale come to life.

Nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills just outside Dublin, this 15th-century castle exudes an aura of timeless elegance and grandeur, providing the perfect backdrop for capturing the most memorable moments of a couple's special day.

With its stunning architecture, manicured gardens, and picturesque grounds, Luttrellstown Castle offers a myriad of enchanting settings for wedding photography.


From the majestic turrets and sweeping staircases to the tranquil lakeside and charming rose gardens, every corner of this historic estate provides a captivating backdrop for creating stunning wedding portraits that are as breathtaking as they are unforgettable.


When I photograph at Luttrellstown Castle, I have the privilege of working in a setting that effortlessly combines old-world romance with modern luxury, allowing me to capture timeless and contemporary images.

Beautiful Bride on the red stairs
Bride party walking down the stairs

For couples seeking a wedding venue that embodies luxury and romance, Luttrellstown Castle offers a truly magical setting for capturing the essence of their love story.


With its rich history, breathtaking surroundings, and unparalleled beauty, Luttrellstown Castle provides the perfect backdrop for creating wedding photos that are as enchanting and unforgettable as the day itself.

Why I Love Photographing Weddings
at Luttrellstown Castle

Luttrellstown Castle holds a special place in my heart as an ideal wedding photography venue for several reasons.

Firstly, its majestic and historic architecture provides a stunning backdrop for capturing timeless moments.

Luttrellstown Castle is a dream come true for any wedding photographer.


The lush, expansive gardens and the majestic interiors offer endless opportunities for capturing beautiful moments, both candid and posed.

What truly sets Luttrellstown Castle apart is its enchanting atmosphere.


Each wedding here is unique, and the castle's rich history adds a layer of depth and elegance to every photo.

I find inspiration in every corner of Luttrellstown Castle, from the charming courtyards to the elegant ballrooms.


It’s a place where fairy tale weddings come to life, and I feel privileged to document such magical moments for my couples.

Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Photography

The Magic of Saying 'I Do'
at Luttrellstown Castle

Say 'I do' in exceptional surroundings

Private Booking:

Enjoy Sole Use of the Castle

A Dedicated Team to Handle Every Detail

Choose between two extraordinary venues for your special day:

the historic 15th-century castle, offering luxury and grandeur, or the newly built Swiss Alpine-inspired clubhouse.

The Reception:

Prepare to Be Treated with Royal Hospitality

Welcome drinks at Luttrellstown Castle

Top Photography Spots
at Luttrellstown Castle

The Castle Exterior

The Gardens

The Rose Garden

The Walled Garden

The Lake

The Interior Spaces

The Woodland Trails

Bride and bridesmaids enjoying on the park
Wedding photographer at Luttrellstown Castle


I offer couples three flexible wedding packages, each thoughtfully crafted to suit their individual requirements.

These packages can be tailored to include a range of coverage options, extra photographers, and complementary shooting packages, ensuring every aspect of their special day is captured just as they envision.

Stefano Ferrier Wedding Photography

Personalize your Wedding Package with customizable hourly coverage.


  • Second photographer: A second photographer captures additional angles and candid moments, providing more comprehensive coverage of the event. 

  • Video coverage: Professional video coverage records the wedding in motion, preserving the day's emotions, speeches, and atmosphere in a dynamic format that complements the still photos.

  • Drone coverage: Drone coverage offers aerial shots of the venue and event, providing unique, sweeping views that add a dramatic and cinematic element to the wedding album and video.

  • Extra coverage: Extra coverage extends the hours a photographer or videographer is present, capturing more of the pre-ceremony preparations, late-night celebrations, or other significant moments.

  • Priority photo delivery: Priority photo delivery ensures that the couple receives their edited wedding photos faster than usual.

  • Graphistudio Wedding Albums: Graphistudio Fine-Art Albums are high-quality, custom-designed photo books that showcase wedding images in an elegant, durable format, providing a lasting keepsake for the couple.

Black and White Bride Portrait


- Coverage up to 8 hours 

- Delivery of all digital images taken

    in Full Resolution

- Individual editing of min. 150

    selected images

- Fine-tuned editing

   (advanced digital enhancement)

- Guaranteed delivery within

    6 months from the Event Date

- All Ireland travel


Black and White Bride Portrait

- Coverage up to 10 hours 

- Delivery of all digital images taken

    in Full Resolution

- Individual editing of min. 200

    selected images

- Fine-tuned editing

   (advanced digital enhancement)

- Guaranteed delivery within

    6 months from the Event Date

- All Ireland travel


Black and White Bride Portrait

- Coverage up to 12 hours 

- Delivery of all digital images taken

    in Full Resolution

- Individual editing of min. 250

    selected images

- Fine-tuned editing

   (advanced digital enhancement)

- Guaranteed delivery within

    6 months from the Event Date

- All Ireland travel


Personalized guidance and suggestions

Luttrellsstown Castle Dining room

Optimal Photo Spots:
With the wedding photographer's expert insight, you'll discover the most picturesque and captivating locations within Luttrellstown Castle for stunning wedding portraits.

Lighting Expertise:
The photographer's familiarity with the castle's layout and lighting conditions ensures that every photo is beautifully lit, enhancing the ambiance and mood of your wedding album.

Timing Considerations:
Knowing the castle's schedule and nuances, the photographer can advise on the best times for outdoor shots, taking into account lighting, crowds, and other factors.

Uniquely Framed Shots:
Their knowledge allows them to find unique angles and perspectives that highlight the castle's architectural features, adding a special touch to your wedding photos.

Seamless Coordination:
Working closely with the venue staff, the photographer ensures smooth transitions between locations, optimizing time and maximizing photo opportunities.

Weather Preparedness:
With their experience, they can offer contingency plans and alternative indoor locations in case of inclement weather, ensuring your photos are still magical regardless of the conditions.

Cultural and Historical Context:
The photographer's understanding of the castle's history and significance adds depth and meaning to your photos, creating a narrative that celebrates the timeless charm of Luttrellstown Castle.

Personalized Approach:
They can tailor their photography style to complement the unique ambiance of Luttrellstown Castle, capturing your love story in a way that reflects the elegance of your chosen venue.


The story of Emma & James

As the wedding photographer, documenting Emma and James' day was a delight.

The ceremony at Trinity College in Dublin was steeped in tradition, the historic chapel echoing with the sound of their vows. Emma’s elegant dress and James’ sharp suit complemented the venue's grandeur, their love was evident in every glance they exchanged.

Post-ceremony, we headed to Luttrellstown Castle, where the sprawling park awaited.

Wedding at Trinity, Dublin
Wedding at Trinity Chapel, Dublin
Wedding at Trinity Chapel in Dublin
Wedding at Trinity Chapel, Dublin
Wedding at Trinity Chapel, Dublin

The castle's gardens, with their blooming flowers and ancient trees, provided the perfect backdrop for the couple's portraits. Emma and James strolled hand in hand, their joy palpable as I captured their laughter and stolen kisses.


The reception inside the castle was a feast for the eyes.


Candlelit tables adorned with floral centerpieces set a romantic mood.


Speeches were heartfelt and humorous, drawing both tears and laughter from the guests.

Luttrellstown Castle park
Wedding reception at Luttrellstown Castle

The party that followed was nothing short of spectacular.


The DJ played a mix of classic hits and modern favorites, keeping the dance floor lively.


Friends and family danced with abandon, celebrating the union of two souls meant to be together.


As I took my final shots of the night, the castle aglow with joy and love, I knew these memories would be cherished forever.


Emma and James' wedding was a perfect blend of elegance and heartfelt celebration, a story beautifully told through my lens.

First dance at Luttrellstown Castle


Mountain-View-Kilkenny-Wedding-Photographer (22)


I don't even know where to start talking about Stefano and how incredible he was on our wedding day. Aside from capturing beautiful photos, he was calm and kind and made us comfortable throughout the whole day. I don't even know how he got the shots he did because we barely saw him once the ceremony got going. I cannot recommend him enough!!!!

Grainne & TJ



Stefano was absolutely brilliant. Such easy, efficient, organised communication from the start even before we met you in person. Our wedding photos are just wonderful - exactly what we wanted for our special day. Stefano was incredibly professional, discrete and a lovely calm quiet presence, capturing the most wonderful candid, hidden moments on our special day. We didn't know he was there and such a brilliant day - loved re-living it through all the amazing photos.
Thank you so much!

Stefano Ferrier Wedding Photographer


Stefano Ferrier just wow. The attention to detail and creativity shows in his work. Very happy to have had him to capture our special day and all those special moments with family. You would not know he is there he just gets to work and very pleasant to be around and great communication throughout the wedding before and after.Thank you Stefano for our beautiful photographs.😍

Amie & Ian

Caoimhe & Sebastian


Real Wedding


Real Wedding



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