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Wedding Venue in Dublin

Romance blooms amid the historic grandeur of Luttrellstown Castle, a fairy-tale setting for unforgettable weddings



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Located in the heart of the Irish countryside, Luttrellstown Castle stands as a testament to centuries of history and elegance.

This stunning Gothic castle, counted among the finest wedding venues in Ireland, lies right within Dublin. 

Just a mere 20 minutes away from both the city center and the airport!


This enchanting castle, dating back to the 15th century, has become synonymous with fairytale weddings, offering couples a magical setting to exchange vows and create timeless memories.

Luttrellstown Castle, located just outside Dublin, seamlessly blends historic charm with modern luxury, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking a truly unique wedding experience.


The castle's iconic turrets, lush greenery, and manicured gardens set the stage for romance, creating a picturesque backdrop for fairytale weddings.

What makes Luttrellstown Castle stand out

8 reasons to choose it :

  1. Timeless splendor

  2. Exclusive Wedding Venue

  3. Majestic Ceremony spaces

  4. Versatile wedding packages

  5. Luxurious accommodations

  6. Dedicated wedding team

  7. Convenient location, it's just outside Dublin

  8. Centuries-Old Charm, is a venue that resonates with the echoes of history

Luttrellstown Castle front view

Enchanting backdrop for weddings

Discover the magic of Castle Weddings at Luttrellstown Castle Resort, where a captivating 560-acre estate sets the stage for an unparalleled and exclusive wedding experience.

This distinguished Wedding venue comprises the historic Castle, the delightful Gardener's Cottage, and the sophisticated Salon.

Bride walking towards Luttrellstown castle

A Wedding venue with Grand entrance red carpet welcome drinks

Grande entrance red carpet at Luttrellstown castle

The enchantment begins the moment you step foot into Luttrellstown Castle.

With over 600 years of history, the castle has maintained its original essence as a lavish venue for warm hospitality and tailored entertainment, catering to the unique preferences of each guest.

From the grand entrance to the opulent interiors, the castle stands as a testament to timeless elegance.

Upon your stylish arrival at this historic site, prepare to be treated like royalty during your exclusive red-carpet drinks reception.

As you walk the illustrious red carpet, champagne in hand, you'll experience the same grandeur that once graced these hallowed grounds.

Extend a warm welcome to your guests while indulging in delectable canapés.

Continue your journey through the magnificent foyer to reach your exquisitely appointed ballroom, where you'll embark on the extraordinary experience of savoring your first meal as a married couple.

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Who tied the knot at Luttrellstown Castle?

Do you know who got married in Luttrellstown Castle?

David and Victoria Beckham, cherished style icons of the 90s and darlings of Britain's celebrity scene, selected the opulent Luttrellstown Castle Resort in Dublin for their globally renowned wedding.


The couple, affectionately known as 'Posh and Becks,' celebrated their union amidst the lavish surroundings of this luxurious destination.

The event was an intimate and private affair, with approximately 20 guests in attendance.


The castle provided the perfect backdrop, offering the couple the seclusion and exclusivity they desired for their special day.

Victoria adorned herself in a Vera Wang gown, while the groom opted for a white suit.

Embracing pixie haircuts, adorned in purple outfits, seated on oversized thrones, and crowned with a £30,000 tiara, the couple spared no expense, the castle team left no stone unturned to seamlessly orchestrate every detail for them.


The exchange of vows occurred in the presence of close family and friends, including Victoria's Spice Girls bandmates and David's Manchester United teammates.


The reception featured the enchanting tunes of a traditional Irish band, and the couple, along with their guests, indulged in a formal sit-down dinner.

The globally acclaimed wedding of David and Victoria Beckham at Luttrellstown Castle Resort captured headlines worldwide.


Notable moments from the day included a Robin Hood theme, a distinctive color palette featuring burgundy, dark green, and the famously chosen cardinal purple.


Victoria adorned a Vera Wang wedding dress paired with matching Vera Wang shoes, complemented by a diamond and gold tiara crafted by Irish designer Slim Barrett.


The ensemble also featured a corset by English corsetiere Mr. Pearl, a petticoat made from 50 meters of Clerici Duchess satin, and a 'Jessica Rabbit' evening dress.


David Beckham sported purple suede Manolo shoes, while the after-dinner speech by best man and Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, added a touch of risqué to the memorable occasion.

Luttrellstown Castle Accommodation

When presented with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchantment of an Irish castle, seizing the moment becomes paramount.


It's about capturing the essence of being a guest within the walls of such grandeur, a tradition spanning over 600 years.

Today, the individually crafted bedrooms at Luttrellstown Castle seamlessly harmonize the styles, opulence, and sophistication reminiscent of 15th-century castle life.


This serves as the backdrop for your luxurious wedding accommodation, where every detail is a curated blend of historic charm and contemporary indulgence.

From regal four-poster beds and vintage chaise longues to the indulgence of freestanding marble bathtubs and opulent old-world furnishings, each element is meticulously designed.


The goal is to transport you back to an era when the epitome of comfort was found within the walls of an Irish castle, seamlessly melding the allure of the past with the expectations of modern luxury.

Planning your Wedding at Luttrellstown ? 


Are you seeking a photographer with expertise in capturing its unique charm?  

Wedding Reception at Luttrellstown Castle

Wedding reception at Luttrellstown castle

The moment you and your guests step into this opulent Irish castle estate for your wedding reception, you'll be embraced with the regal treatment once bestowed upon the dignitaries who graced its historic grounds:

-A majestic red-carpet welcome
-A celebratory glass of Prosecco for the newlyweds
-A meticulously adorned foyer and ballroom
-Tailored menus and personalized table plans
-Graceful candelabra centerpieces
-A designated cake stand and knife
-Lush floral arrangements adorning the venue


Unrestricted access to the Castle and its immediate grounds for an exclusive celebration

Luttrellstown castle dining room

Planning your Wedding day at Luttrellstown Castle

Count on the dedicated and experienced Wedding Team to assist you in planning your special day and addressing any questions you may have.

From menu choices and flower arrangements to table numbers and seating plans, kickstart the journey toward a day you'll cherish forever. 

The Wedding Photos at Luttrellstown Castle

Outdoor Photos:

A dreamy outdoor setting for wedding photos that captures the essence of joy and celebration.


The lush garden becomes a canvas for the bride and her bridesmaids, playfully tossing bouquets amid the vibrant blooms.


The sunlight dances through the greenery, creating a magical backdrop as laughter and excitement fill the air.

Bride and Bridesmaids tossing their bouquet at Luttrellstown Castle

Indoor Photos:

Here indoor wedding photos unfold like a storybook.


Imagine the beautiful bride gracing the grand main staircase, the epitome of grace and sophistication.


The regal surroundings provide a backdrop that accentuates the bride's radiance, capturing the essence of a fairytale coming to life.

Beautiful Bride and Groom on the stairs at Luttrellstown Castle
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