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Wedding Venue in Sligo

A Fairytale Setting for Unforgettable fancy romantic weddings

Markree Castle Wedding Venue (3)


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Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Sligo, Ireland, Markree Castle stands as a timeless symbol of elegance and romance.


This enchanting venue, with its rich history dating back to the 17th century, has become a sought-after destination for couples seeking a fairytale setting for their wedding day.


Markree Castle effortlessly combines historic charm with modern amenities, making it the perfect backdrop for unforgettable weddings.

What makes Markree Castle stand out

8 reasons to choose it :

  1. Truly outstanding

  2. Radiant and Stunning

  3. Nostalgic Charm

  4. Exclusive Ownership

  5. Charming 'I Do' (you can choose either in the internal chapel or the great outdoors)

  6. Onsite Chapel

  7. Unforgettable Sleeping bedrooms

  8. Celebration

Markree Castle Wedding Venue

Romantic Castles of Ireland

Markree Castle is a distinguished member of "The Romantic Castles of Ireland,"
a captivating collection of four authentic Irish castles, each nestled in a distinct corner of the country.

Markree Castle Wedding red caspet

Markree Castle Wedding cost and prices for Wedding Packages

Markree Castle's wedding packages provide the exclusive use of Markree Castle, an enchanting venue surrounded by mature trees, a rose garden, and picturesque grounds along the river Unshin, creating the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photographs.


In addition to the stunning setting, the packages come with a dedicated wedding team to guide couples through every aspect of their special day.

The highlight of the packages is the five-course wedding banquet, a culinary experience crafted with the finest locally-produced ingredients to ensure a superb dining experience for both you and your guests.

Maarkree Castle offers three distinct wedding packages to cater to different needs, making your dream day a reality.

The packages, with 2024 pricing, include:

  1. The James Joyce Package – starting from €99 per person

  2. The Patrick Kavanagh Package – starting from €139 per person

  3. The W.B. Yeats Package – starting from €159 per person

Markree Castle Accommodation

Markree Castle offers an impressive selection of upscale hotel guest accommodations, featuring 31 bedrooms within the castle premises, including a luxurious onsite apartment.


Your guests will enjoy their stay in rooms designed to the utmost standards, each thoughtfully arranged to maximize the unique layout of the castle.

All rooms are en-suite, ensuring the comfort and convenience of your guests, and are equipped with all the amenities one would expect from a luxury hotel.


Modern luxury is seamlessly integrated into this historic building, where sophistication and comfort come as standard.

Civil Ceremonies at Markree Castle

Markree Castle Wedding Chapel for civil ceremonies

For a civil, Humanist, or Spiritualist wedding ceremony, finding a venue with a genuine sense of occasion is paramount.


While many places can host wedding receptions, few can offer a truly special ceremony venue on-site.

Markree Castle is a registered venue for civil ceremonies and partnerships, providing five unique locations, including two indoor and three outdoor options.

For those envisioning a traditional wedding, the Chapel at Markree Castle is an ideal choice.

With its exquisite stained-glass windows and an antique church organ, it stands as the sole onsite chapel in an Irish Castle.

The Grand Hall, adorned with rich décor, offers an intimate yet impressive setting, making it a perfect choice for Spiritualist and Humanist ceremonies and blessings.

Alternatively, if exchanging vows amidst the beauty of the outdoors appeals to you, there are three outdoor locations:

The castle terrace provides a stunning natural setting overlooking the estate's manicured lawns, rose garden, and wishing well.

A special and intimate spot beneath the trees in our landscaped forest for those seeking a woodland setting.

The manicured gardens, are a perfect location for a ceremony surrounded by natural beauty.

Wedding banquet

Indulge in a lavish celebration banquet comprising five or six courses, featuring a variety of sumptuous options tailored to your chosen package.

Diverse dietary preferences with dedicated vegetarian, vegan, and allergen menus are always available to ensure all your guests have delightful options.

Complementing your banquet, each person will be served a half bottle of wine, enhancing the dining experience.


Additionally, a prosecco toast will be poured for all guests during the speeches, adding a sparkling touch to your joyous celebration

Markree Castle Wedding banquet
Markree Castle Dining room

Planning your Wedding at Markree Castle ? 


Are you seeking a photographer with expertise in capturing its unique charm?  

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A Unique Christmas Wedding at Markree Castle

Markree Castle Christmas Wedding

A winter wedding at Markree Castle is truly a fairytale come to life.

The castle serves as the ideal backdrop for a magical Christmas wedding.


The enchanting grounds, sophisticated dining rooms, and luxurious accommodations create the perfect blend to turn your fairytale aspirations into reality.

Markree Castle Christmas cosy Wedding

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A Grand Entrance into Markree Castle's Gothic Splendor

Markree Castle Wedding Venue (9)

Upon arrival, experience a historical immersion.


Formerly a space where guests disembarked carriages under a 'port la coeur' for shelter, today, it's where the bride and groom step out of their wedding car.


Inside, an enchanting staircase leads to the Grand Hall, initiating a newlywed odyssey through the Gothic allure of the castle complete with vaulted ceilings, striking arches, and meticulously crafted cornicing.

Markree Castle Photos

Markree Castle in Sligo offers a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photography, providing a myriad of enchanting shooting possibilities and picturesque spots.


From the lush gardens to the historic architecture, every corner of Markree Castle is a canvas for capturing timeless moments.


Imagine romantic shots amidst the rose garden, under the centuries-old trees, or on the grand staircase leading to the opulent Grand Hall.


The castle's Gothic architecture, with its vaulted ceilings, striking arches, and handcrafted cornicing, adds a touch of historic charm to your wedding album.


Markree Castle ensures not only a memorable wedding day but also stunning visuals that will forever tell the tale of your love and celebration in this magical Irish setting.

Bride and groom laid on Markree Castle red carpet


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