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Wedding Venue in Mayo

A Magical Haven for everlasting and unforgettable Weddings

Discover one of the most beautiful Castles in Ireland, an amazing magical setting to celebrate your Big Day

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Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lough Corrib in County Mayo, Ireland, Ashford Castle stands as a symbol of elegance and history.


Dating back to 1228, this breathtaking castle has witnessed centuries of love stories, and today it stands as a premier destination for weddings, ceremonies, and luxurious accommodations.

Ashford Castle's majestic surroundings and rich history create a fairytale setting for couples seeking a truly magical wedding.


The castle's stunning architecture, lush gardens, and panoramic views of the lake provide a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows.


The charming details, such as the ancient stone walls and manicured lawns, transport couples and their guests to a world of timeless romance.

What makes Ashford Castle stand out

8 reasons to choose it :

  1. Historic Grandeur

  2. Breathtaking Surroundings

  3. Versatile Venue Options

  4. Exquisite Accommodations

  5. Exceptional Service

  6. Culinary Excellence

  7. Exclusive Packages

  8. Luxurious Amenities

Wedding couple kissing in Ashford Castle Ireland

A fairytale setting for Weddings

Ashford Castle's majestic surroundings and rich history create a fairytale setting for couples seeking a truly magical wedding.

The castle's stunning architecture, lush gardens, and panoramic views of the lake provide a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows.

The charming details, such as the ancient stone walls and manicured lawns, transport couples and their guests to a world of timeless romance.

Sunset at Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle Wedding cost and prices for Wedding Packages

The luxury small wedding package at Ashford Castle encompasses the exclusive hire of the ceremony room for your special day, available throughout the year.


The castle strictly adheres to a one-wedding-per-day policy, ensuring that you and your partner will be the sole focus, enjoying the undivided attention of the castle's dedicated team on your chosen date.

The luxury small wedding package pricing, includes:

Commencing at €25,000 for two guests, the luxury small wedding package includes the location fee, granting you the privilege of a small and intimate ceremony within the castle's majestic walls.


Additional charges will apply for accommodation, and the option to enhance your celebration with a post-wedding dinner is available upon reservation.


It is noteworthy that all wedding attendees must be hotel residents, and detailed accommodation and dinner pricing can be provided upon request.

The castle's commitment to a singular wedding event per day ensures an exclusive and personalized experience, allowing you to savor every moment of your special day in a truly enchanting setting.

More info:

Ashford Castle Accommodation

Every one of the 83 rooms and suites, including The Boathouse, at Ashford Castle, exemplifies classical elegance and refinement.


These accommodations are designed to provide guests with every conceivable luxury, ensuring a stay that is both indulgent and memorable.


Among these exceptional spaces is the historic Boathouse, gracefully perched over the lake, offering couples an intimate retreat in splendid isolation, where they can bask in the serenity of this enchanting setting.

Ashford Castle channels its creative spirit into crafting each exquisite suite, drawing inspiration from the distinctive historical surroundings to cultivate opulent and intricate interiors.


Each suite is adorned with rare, hand-selected antiques that harmonize with silk-lined walls, carefully curated artworks, and sumptuous heavy curtains.


These elements come together to frame and accentuate the breathtaking views of either the River Cong or Lough Corrib, enhancing the overall atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Civil Ceremonies at Ashford Castle

Choose the setting that resonates with your vision for the perfect ceremony.


Whether it's the charm of a local church, the refined ambiance of the castle's elegant Drawing Room, or weather permitting, the open-air splendor of the castle gardens with captivating views over Lough Corrib and the impressive castle backdrop.

For those inclined towards a church wedding, various options are available within and around the castle grounds.


Saint Mary's Church, situated in the nearby village of Cong, provides a quaint and traditional venue.


Alternatively, for a more historical and scenic backdrop, Ballintubber Abbey is a mere 40-minute drive away, offering a unique setting for a truly memorable ceremony.


Whatever your preference, Ashford Castle ensures a range of options for you to say "I do" in the setting that feels most special to you and your partner.

Breathtaking view at Lough Corrib

Breathtaking view at Lough Corrib, Ashford Castle Wedding

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Planning your Wedding day at Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle has a fantastic wedding team that is well-versed in orchestrating unforgettable weddings.

The team will work closely in crafting a wedding day that truly reflects your uniqueness.

Each wedding at Ashford Castle is a one-of-a-kind experience, where every detail is executed with flawless precision, meticulous grace, and undeniable style.

Wedding Celebration at Ashford Castle

At Ashford Castle, the tranquil ambiance sets the stage for intimate weddings, seamlessly accommodating both small-scale celebrations and grand affairs, book the entire estate for you and your 160 guests exclusively.


The refined Connaught and Inglenook rooms provide an ideal setting for gatherings of up to 40 guests, ensuring an intimate and elegant atmosphere.


The committed staff is devoted to ensuring that your special day unfolds seamlessly, with every detail attended to, making it an occasion to cherish.


Additionally, can extend the hospitality to host your blessings, anniversary parties, or vow renewal ceremonies, creating enduring memories in the heart of these serene surroundings.

Wedding couple walking at Ashford castle

Planning your Wedding at Ashford Castle ? 


Are you seeking a photographer with expertise in capturing its unique charm?  

Wedding Reception at Ashford Castle

Transform Ashford Castle into your private haven—reserve the entire estate exclusively for you and your 160 guests.


Indulge in the complete castle experience without any interruptions, making it uniquely yours.

Savor the exclusivity of all restaurants and bars, from The George V Dining Room for an unforgettable wedding breakfast to the underground Wine Cellars for a magical pre-wedding event.


And don't forget the grandeur of the Oak Hall—a perfect setting for a show-stopping reception at the heart of the castle.

The Wedding Photos at Ashford Castle

Outdoor Photos:

The castle gardens, adorned with vibrant blooms, offer a romantic setting for outdoor wedding photos. 

Stroll through the meticulously manicured grounds, where each step unveils a new picturesque spot.


The ancient stone walls, the charming courtyard, and the lush greenery provide a rich tapestry for your outdoor photo shoot.

Happy Bride and Groom at the Ashford Castle's gardens
Wedding at The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Wedding Photos at The Lodge at Ashford Castle

The bride and groom, radiant in the golden glow of the sunset, seated on a quaint bench overlooking the mesmerizing Lough Corrib near Ashford Castle, Ireland.


As the sun dips below the horizon, casting hues of warm orange and pink across the sky, the scene becomes nothing short of enchanting.

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