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Wedding in Darver Castle, Louth, Ireland

The castle provides a unique and romantic backdrop for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions.

Darver Castle front view
Darver Castle Wedding signpost


Darver Castle



A perfect blend of reportage, fine art, and emotive wedding photography

Are you seeking a remarkable Destination Irish Wedding Photographer for your special wedding in the serene landscapes of Ireland?

This destination boasts some of Ireland's most exquisite wedding venues, celebrated for their picturesque vistas and timeless elegance.


From quaint countryside estates to breathtaking coastal cliffs, Ireland's beauty draws couples from across the globe.

I am dedicated to delivering a tailored and premium service, characterized by exquisite photography capturing both the candid moments and the stunning landscapes that make your day truly unforgettable.

I have a deep affection for Ireland and its unique allure, showcased in charming places such as Dublin, Cork, Kerry, Kinsale, Waterford, Killarney, Dingle, Galway, and more.


Let me immortalize the magic of your Irish wedding amidst these enchanting surroundings.


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Darver Castle stands as a premier Wedding venue in Louth, conveniently located just a 45-minute drive from both Belfast and Dublin.

Experience full exclusivity on your wedding day as you enjoy sole access to the entire estate.


This guarantees privacy for you and your guests, allowing them the freedom to explore the rich history of Darver Castle at their leisure.

What makes Darver Castle stand out among other venues?

Darver Castle is an Indoor-Outdoor Wedding Venue

Darver Castle presents a wedding experience that harmoniously combines the splendor of the outdoors with the practicality of indoor celebrations.

A recently renovated Ceremony Room on-site can accommodate up to 250 guests.

The courtyard offers an ideal backdrop for capturing the most memorable moments of your special day in a stunning outdoor setting.

8 reasons to choose it :

  1. Both outdoor and indoor Ceremonies

  2. Beautiful newly refurbished Ceremony Room 

  3. An Oasis of Opulence & Serenity

  4. Harmonizing timeless charm with contemporary conveniences

  5. 50 acres featuring meticulously landscaped parkland and wooded grounds

  6. Experienced Wedding Team

  7. Variety of Wedding Packages

  8. Only 45 minutes from Belfast and Dublin

Darver Castle provides an enchanting backdrop for Wedding Ceremonies

One of the pivotal elements of your wedding day is the ceremony itself.

Opting for a civil or humanist ceremony allows you to infuse your nuptials with a truly personal touch.

The recently renovated Ceremony Room can accommodate up to 250 people.

Offering the convenience of ceremonies being available every day of the week, it creates a stunning setting for your special day.

Darver Castle Ceremony Room

Accommodation at Darver Castle Estate

Darver Castle Estate features a total of 42 rooms, distributed among the Main Castle, Courtyard, Stables, and Oakwood Cottages.


After thorough refurbishment, these rooms have been meticulously designed, blending the castle's original features with modern luxuries.


With the capacity to accommodate 100 guests across the estate, Darver Castle ensures absolute privacy, adding an extra personal touch to your special day.


Guests can enjoy breakfast served in the Grain Store Breakfast room.

Furthermore, if the rooms are not yet accessible on the morning of the wedding, you can still prepare at the castle.

A specially designated Bridal Parlour Suite, situated in the walled courtyard, is provided to accommodate you and your wedding party for a collective getting-ready experience.

Wedding Reception and Dinner at Darver Castle

Banqueting Suite at Darver Castle

Darver Castle Estate features an impressive banqueting suite adorned with exposed beams and cut stone walls, exuding unparalleled character and charm.


Accommodating weddings ranging from 50 to 280 guests, the suite is a versatile space for celebrations.

On your special day, Your Castle Wedding Venue in Ireland offers a delectable selection of homemade canapés to tantalize the palate after a sumptuous banquet served in our Brabazon Suite.


Renowned for exceptional cuisine, the Darver Castle Estate banquet will be elevated by unmatched service.

Dinner room at Darver Castle

Following the ceremony, your wedding reception takes place in multiple rooms within the castle, encompassing a charming conservatory, a warm and inviting old-style kitchen, and a terrace for summer weddings.

Enjoy the ambiance of the Conservatory and Duffy's Bar with soothing live music in the background.

Wedding reception at Darver Castle
Wedding reception at Darver Castle

Darver Castle Wedding cost and Wedding Packages

To obtain more detailed information on packages, pricing, and availability,


I suggest contacting the dedicated Darver Castle wedding team directly. 

Darver Castle Marketing:

More info:

Wedding party at Darver Castle

Planning your Wedding at DARVER CASTLE ? 


Are you seeking a photographer with expertise in capturing its unique charm?  

Darver Castle is a Garden Wedding Venue,
perfect  for beautiful Wedding Photos

Exterior Photos:

The castle's architecture and surrounding landscapes offer plenty of photo opportunities for capturing memorable moments.


Professional photographers who are familiar with the venue can maximize its scenic potential.

The expansive gardens and wooded grounds of Darver Castle offer a natural and romantic setting for couples' portraits.


Seasonal blooms, lush greenery, and charming pathways contribute to the overall allure.

Happy bride and groom on the bridge at Darver Castle

Group Photos:

The courtyard, with its historic charm, provides a picturesque setting for group shots or capturing candid moments.

The stone walls and architectural details offer a timeless backdrop

Darver Castle group photo
Darver Castle big group photo
Darver Castle wedding portrait

Couple Portraits:

Make the most of the stunning grounds, impeccably kept gardens, and captivating woodlands to craft timeless and romantic Wedding Photos.


Select scenic locations with intention, aiming for places that evoke an intimate and magical atmosphere.


This approach ensures that each photograph becomes a visual narrative, telling the unique and enchanting love story of the couple.

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