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Wedding Venue in Kilkenny

Imagine an enchanting wedding venue along the picturesque banks of the River Nore, with the breathtaking and distinctive backdrop of Kilkenny Castle.

At Kilkenny River Court Hotel, this dream scenario becomes a reality for your special Wedding Day.

The Kilkenny River Court Hotel


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Weddings at Kilkenny River Court Hotel

Situated beneath the majestic presence of Kilkenny Castle, along the serene banks of the River Nore, the Kilkenny River Court Hotel stands as the ideal setting for your dream Wedding Day.


Recognized among the finest wedding hotels in Ireland, the experienced staff takes pride in the longstanding tradition of hosting wedding receptions in the heart of Kilkenny City.


The exclusive Terrace is reserved privately for your guests, while the elegantly appointed Marshall Suite, nestled beside the River Nore, provides a splendid backdrop of the magnificent Kilkenny Castle for your wedding meal.

What makes River Court Hotel stand out

8 reasons to choose it :

  1. Scenic Location

  2. Riverside Elegance

  3. Exclusive Terrace

  4. Marshall Suite

  5. Experienced Staff

  6. Accommodation Options

  7. Reputation

  8. Historic Charm

Kilkenny River Court Hotel Parking

Hotel car parking for all wedding guests 

Being one of the most centrally located hotels in Kilkenny's city center, all guests at the Kilkenny River Court Hotel are offered free secure on-street parking.

Both the entrance and exit archways are signposted for your convenience.

Up to 250 parking spaces are offered for the exclusive use of hotel guests and clients, ensuring a hassle-free experience during your stay

Kilkenny River Court Hotel Parking 1

River Court Hotel Wedding cost

If you're organizing a wedding within a particular budget, the River Court Hotel stands out as an excellent choice with its highly affordable pricing.

The River Court Hotel has a maximum capacity of 250 people for a dinner wedding, wedding prices range from €50/60 per person, applicable from Sunday to Thursday throughout the entire year. 

For Fridays and Saturdays, excluding the period from December 26th to January 1st, the rate is €60.00 per guest.


During the months of June, July, and August, the €60.00 per guest rate applies for both Friday and Saturday bookings.

Dining hall at River Court Hotel Kilkenny
Kilkenny River Court Hotel's dining hall

River Court Hotel Wedding Packages


From Sunday to Thursday throughout the entire year, the rate is €51.00 per guest.

For Fridays and Saturdays, excluding the period from December 26th to January 1st, the rate is €60.00 per guest.


During the months of June, July, and August, the €60.00 per guest rate applies for both Friday and Saturday bookings.


The cost is €46.00 per guest and is available on specific dates in January, February, March, and November.


The cost is €59.00 per person.

More info:

Kilkenny Riverside Restaurant

Nestled in a picturesque setting with captivating views of Kilkenny Castle, this recently renovated Riverside Restaurant invites guests to indulge in an exquisite selection of authentic cuisine, promising an unforgettable dining experience.


Embraced by both locals and visitors to Kilkenny, this restaurant boasts a charming ambiance complemented by panoramic views of the Nore River and the grandeur of Kilkenny Castle.

The Riverside Restaurant at the Kilkenny Court Hotel welcomes guests every day for both breakfast and dinner.

Kilkenny Riverside Restaurant
Kilkenny Riverside Restaurant 1

The immediate access to Kilkenny Castle and the City

The River Court Hotel in Kilkenny presents a captivating backdrop for newlyweds, heightened by its strategic closeness to both Kilkenny Castle and the city center.

The location's benefits elevate the entire wedding experience.


Nestled in proximity to Kilkenny Castle, an iconic Irish landmark, the hotel offers a setting imbued with historical charm and natural splendor.

Newlyweds have the opportunity to immortalize timeless and romantic moments against the castle's breathtaking architecture and lush surroundings.

Kilkenny River Court Hotel and Kilkenny Castle's view

Recommended places in Kilkenny for Wedding photo shoots

Wedding in Kilkenny City center

​Riverside Walks:
Take advantage of the scenic riverbanks for romantic photos, especially along the River Nore, providing a natural and picturesque setting.
City Streets and Alleys:
Wander through the quaint streets and alleys of Kilkenny, capturing intimate moments against the backdrop of colorful buildings and historic landmarks.
Kilkenny Castle:
Capture elegant shots against the backdrop of Kilkenny Castle, showcasing its historic architecture and beautiful grounds.
Medieval Mile:
Explore the Medieval Mile, a historic area in the city with cobblestone streets and medieval buildings, providing a charming and timeless setting.

Happy Bride and Groom drink champagne at Kilkenny Castle

Planning your Wedding at River Court Hotel ? 


are you seeking a photographer with expertise in capturing its unique charm?  

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