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Wedding Venue in Wexford

 Marlfield House located in Gorey, County Wexford, a stunning Georgian mansion and a popular venue for weddings, offering a romantic and picturesque setting for capturing beautiful photos.

Marlfield House Wedding

 Stefano Ferrier is available for your Special Day in Wexford, Ireland

Marlfield House is set amidst 36 acres of manicured gardens, woodlands, and lakes, providing a dreamlike backdrop for weddings.


The house itself exudes classic Georgian architecture, creating a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere.


The venue is perfect for couples seeking a romantic and intimate setting for their celebration and is exceptionally convenient, situated a mere hour's drive from Dublin.

What sets Marlfield House apart from other venues?

Marlfield House is an Indoor-Outdoor Wedding Venue

Marlfield offers a wedding experience that seamlessly blends the beauty of the outdoors with the convenience of indoor celebrations.


Say your vows surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, and then effortlessly transition to an indoor reception, ensuring your guests can enjoy the festivities in the comfort of an inviting indoor setting.

8 reasons to choose it :

  1. Historic architecture and tasteful interiors are a sophisticated backdrop for your event.

  2. Picturesque Surroundings, 36 acres of lush gardens and woodlands

  3. Luxurious Accommodations

  4. Gourmet Dining

  5. Versatile Event Spaces, both outdoor and indoor

  6. Experienced Staff

  7. Tailored Wedding Packages

  8. One hour away from Dublin

Marlfield House offers a captivating setting for Wedding Ceremonies

Marlfield House holds a full license for hosting wedding ceremonies, providing you with the choice of enchanting locations such as the conservatory, the Print Room, or the beautifully landscaped gardens.

Indoor Ceremony at Marlfield House

The Conservatory:
The conservatory at Marlfield House is a bright and elegant space, surrounded by lush greenery and offering panoramic views of the picturesque gardens. It provides a perfect indoor setting with an abundance of natural light, creating a romantic atmosphere for couples to say their vows.

The Print Room:
The Print Room is a more intimate and cozy space within Marlfield House. It boasts classic decor, creating an ambiance of timeless romance.
The intimate setting of the Print Room makes it ideal for couples seeking a warm and private atmosphere for their wedding ceremony.

The Gardens:
For those who desire an outdoor ceremony surrounded by nature, the gardens at Marlfield House offer a dreamlike backdrop.
With 36 acres of manicured lawns, vibrant flowers, and serene lakes, the gardens provide a picturesque and romantic setting for couples to begin their journey together.

Each of these spaces is thoughtfully designed to cater to different preferences and styles, allowing couples to choose the setting that best aligns with their vision for their special day.

Whether indoors or outdoors, Marlfield House provides a range of options to ensure a truly magical and personalized wedding ceremony experience.

Indoor Ceremony at Marlfield House

Marlfield House Accommodation

Marlfield House offers luxurious and comfortable accommodation spaces, providing a retreat for guests seeking a peaceful and elegant stay.


The accommodations at Marlfield House are designed to blend classic charm with modern amenities, ensuring a memorable experience.

Marlfield House Accommodation

For wedding celebrations with a guest list of up to 100, Marlfield House offers exclusive use of all 18 bedrooms in the Manor House along with the 5 Pond Suites, providing luxurious accommodation for up to 52 guests.


Alternatively, for more intimate weddings of up to 55 people, the splendid Print Suite, adorned with fine antique furniture, an open fire, and French doors opening onto the parterre garden, serves as a beautiful and charming setting.

Wedding Reception and Dinner at Marlfield House

Marlfield House Wedding Reception and dinner

The wedding dinner unfolds in a spacious room near the conservatory.


There's an abundance of natural light which creates a warm atmosphere.


In the evening at Marlfield House, the dinner hall transforms into a captivating space, especially when the candelabras are lit.

This magical moment infuses the room with a warm and intimate family atmosphere.

The combination of ambient lighting and the inviting ambiance of the dinner hall at Marlfield House contributes to a memorable and cozy dining experience

Marlfield House Wedding cost and Wedding Packages

Comprehensive packages start at €145 per person, encompassing a range of offerings such as reception drinks, delectable canapés, a sumptuous five-course dinner paired with wines, late-night refreshments, abundant flower arrangements sourced from our garden, elegant candelabra, and tea-lights adorning all tables.


As an extra touch, the Master Suite awaits the newlyweds with a complimentary bottle of champagne for the evening.


For specific preferences, there are customized packages tailored to meet unique requirements.

Marlfield House room's keys and details

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Exterior Photos:

Marlfield House has a picturesque lake on its grounds.


This serene setting is perfect for capturing romantic moments, reflections on the water, and stunning images that incorporate the natural beauty of the estate.

The Rose Garden, in particular, provides a romantic setting with its colorful blooms, making it an ideal spot for wedding portraits.

Romantic bridge at Marlfield House

Group Photos:

Capturing group photos at Marlfield House, especially with the bride and her party running happily, can result in dynamic and joyful images. 

Candid shots can convey genuine emotions and expressions, reflecting the excitement and happiness of the group. 

Beautiful scenario at Marlfield House while Bride and her party have fun
Beautiful wedding at Marlfield House while Bride and her party have fun
Marlfield House Wedding couple portrait

Couple Portraits:

Take full advantage of the breathtaking grounds, meticulously maintained gardens, and enchanting woodland areas to create timeless and romantic portraits of the couple.

Deliberately choose scenic locations that evoke an intimate and magical atmosphere, ensuring that each photograph becomes a visual narrative of their love story. 

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