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The magnificent Wedding day at Druids Glen Hotel Resort, Co. Wicklow

A stunning backdrop in the heart of Wicklow, a perfect canvas for unforgettable wedding photos

Ernie & and Jennifer have chosen the Druids Glen Hotel & Golf Resort for their big day, a well-known luxury hotel and wedding venue located in Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow, Ireland.

The Druids Glen Hotel is often referred to as the "Garden of Ireland."


The location provides a scenic and tranquil setting, making it a popular choice for weddings.

Wedding couple kissing under the trees at Druids Glen Hotel Resort

Groom's pre-wedding preparations

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (47)

As I step into the room where the groom is getting ready, the atmosphere is quiet, the groom, his mate, and his young child were already almost ready, his toung child, who is the ring bearer, share a special pre-wedding moment.

The room is bathed in natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.


I notice the child, the adorable ring bearer, proudly displaying the wedding rings inside a pocket watch, their eyes wide with excitement and innocence.

The groom's mate, standing by his side, is helping with the final adjustments to the suit, exchanging banter and smiles.


The child, still holding the rings, looks up at the groom with a mixture of awe and delight, adding an extra layer of joy to the scene.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (1)

The atmosphere shifts slightly as the groom and his mate raise their Irish beers for a toast.


The mood becomes more sentimental, and the room momentarily quiets down.


There's a sense of brotherhood and shared excitement, a silent acknowledgment of the journey that has led them to this pivotal moment.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (48)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (2)

Bride's final preparations

As I enter the room where the bride is helping her child get dressed, I'm met with a symphony of emotions.


The atmosphere is a mix of excitement, a touch of chaos, and a whole lot of love.


The child, initially resistant, lets out a scream that echoes through the room.


It's a familiar scene – the struggle of a little one against the confines of formal attire.

The bride, with a calm and patient demeanor, kneels down beside her child, trying to soothe the distress.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (6)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (7)

The bride, surrounded by the soft glow of vanity lights, sits with poise as she applies the finishing touches to her makeup. 

The makeup artist, working with precision, adds a final stroke, and the bride takes a deep breath, absorbing the significance of the impending reveal.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (5)

Suddenly, there's a gentle knock on the door.


It swings open, and the bride's father enters the room.


There's a hushed silence as he stands in the doorway, momentarily struck by the ethereal vision before him.


His eyes well up with emotion as he beholds his daughter, now a vision of grace and beauty.

It's a silent exchange of love and a recognition of the profound connection between father and daughter. 

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (9)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (12)

In the final moments before the ceremony, the bride stands ready, a vision of grace and beauty. 

I have captured a series of stunning photos that encapsulate the essence of this special moment.


The bouquet of vibrant yellow sunflowers, a symbol of happiness and positivity.


The sunflowers, with their radiant petals, complement the warmth of the room and add a touch of joyful vibrancy to the scene.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (3)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (4)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (13)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (11)



Turn your Wedding Dreams into Timeless Memories

The Bride is coming

The bride arrives at the church with her father, the grandeur of the moment is accentuated by the multitude of guests gathered, creating a buzz of conversation and joyful murmurs.


I find myself amidst the sea of people, armed with my camera, navigating the crowd to capture this significant moment.


I struggle momentarily with the challenge of maneuvering through the crowd and capturing the perfect shot, especially with two videographers adding to the hustle.

Despite the chaos, I persevere, finding a vantage point that allows me to capture the essence of the moment.


With a stroke of luck, I manage to frame a beautiful shot—a candid capture of the bride, her eyes sparkling with happiness, and her father by her side in the car. 

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (14)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (33)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (15)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (16)

The mood is a delightful blend of excitement, nervous energy, and heartfelt joy.


The bride's smile becomes the focal point of the photograph, encapsulating the emotion of the moment.

As the bride and her father make their way towards the church entrance, the crowd parts, and a hush falls over the assembly.


The vibrant energy of the moment is palpable, and I find myself grateful for having captured a fleeting yet timeless expression of joy amid the flurry of activity.


The church doors open, signaling the beginning of a ceremony filled with love, promises, and the magic of new beginnings.

The Wedding Ceremony

As the bride walks down the aisle on her father's arm, there's a collective hush that falls over the room. The gentle strains of music fill the air, creating a soundtrack for this poignant moment.

 I notice the groom at the end of the aisle, his eyes fixed on his approaching bride. There's an undeniable intensity in that first look — a blend of love, surprise, and overwhelming joy.

As the bride and groom stand together, the vows are exchanged in an intimate exchange of promises. The couple's voices, filled with sincerity and love, resonate through the sacred space. 

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (17)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (18)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (36)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (20)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (19)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (35)

The arrival at Druids Glen Hotel Resort

As the bride and groom arrive at Druids Glen Hotel & Golf Resort, the grandeur of the occasion is elevated by the enchanting surroundings. 

A team of attentive staff, dressed in impeccable uniforms, warmly welcomes the newlyweds.

A cocktail reception awaits the couple, a delightful prelude to the festivities that lie ahead. 

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (21)

A breathtaking photo session amidst the lush greens of Druids Glen's golf garden

We hopped on a golf car that whisked us away to the heart of the gardens, a secluded oasis of natural beauty.

As we arrived at the middle of the gardens, it felt like stepping into a fairytale.


Stone bridges gracefully arched over babbling brooks, creating enchanting scenes that begged to be captured.


The golf car provided us with the perfect vantage point, allowing us to traverse the expansive grounds effortlessly.

Wedding couple hopped on a golf car at Druids Glen Hotel
Happy couple on a golf car at Druids Glen Hotel
Bride and groom walking below a bridge on Druids Glen Hotel
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (40)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (25)
Happy couple kissing under the trees at Druids Glen Resort
Wedding photos at Druids Glen Resort
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (23)

The Wedding reception at Druids Glen Hotel

The dining room, adorned with elegant decor, awaited the grand entrance of the bride and groom.


The doors swung open, and the room erupted in applause as the couple entered hand in hand.

The guests, already in high spirits, raised their glasses in a toast to the newlyweds.


Laughter and the clinking of glasses filled the air as the couple made their way to the center of the room.


The mood was jubilant, and the energy was infectious as friends and family gathered around, eager to share in the joy of the moment.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (29)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (30)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (42)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (43)

The cake-cutting ceremony was a delightful spectacle.

The multi-tiered cake, a work of culinary art, took center stage.


With the bride and groom's hands joined, they expertly cut into the cake, sharing smiles and stolen glances.


The room resonated with cheers and applause, marking the sweet beginning of their journey together.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (44)
Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (45)

As the evening unfolded, the dance floor became a canvas for shared moments and romantic interludes.


The couple, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, swayed to the music, lost in the magic of the moment.


The rhythm of the music and the laughter of guests created an electric atmosphere, and the dance floor became a haven of joy and celebration.

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (46)

The night concluded with a black and white photo that captured the essence of their love.


A big close-up framed the couple in an intimate embrace, their lips meeting in a tender kiss.


The monochrome tones added a timeless quality, emphasizing the simplicity and depth of their connection. 

Druids-Glen-Hotel-Wedding-photos (37)
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