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I’m Stefano, a Mayo Wedding Photographer specializing in capturing natural moments and genuine emotions.

My approach is a mix of editorial excellence and candid, relaxed storytelling, ideal for couples who cherish authentic moments and the joy of their guests over traditional posed photos.

The best wedding photography allows you to plan a joyful celebration without missing precious moments with loved ones.

In Ireland, it's about capturing the laughter and connections; from morning preparations and the ceremony to the reception, portraits with loved ones, heartfelt speeches, and dancing late into the night.

Wedding photography in Ireland captures the essence of your celebration:

from the morning preparations and the ceremony to the reception, intimate portraits, cherished moments with loved ones, heartfelt speeches, and joyful dancing throughout the evening.

I operate discreetly, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in your day.

As a wedding photographer in Mayo, I have access to stunning local venues and picturesque surroundings, enhancing the backdrop for your wedding memories.

Throughout the wedding day, I strive to capture those unique moments and genuine expressions that narrate a compelling story and preserve the essence of your special day.



Be sure to explore the wedding portfolio to appreciate the artistry truly
of Ireland Wedding Photographer Stefano Ferrier


Celebrate your Special Day with a Stunning backdrop

The Lodge at Ashford Castle is situated just beyond the enchanting village of Cong, at the heart of Mayo, this chic and elegant sanctuary provides the perfect backdrop to make your special Wedding truly memorable.

Nestled by the serene lakeside, surrounded by splendid gardens, adorned with elegant interiors, and offering ample comfortable accommodation, imaginative cuisine, and meticulous personal service, The Lodge at Ashford Castle is the idyllic destination for your Fairytale Wedding.

The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Every corner of The Lodge at Ashford Castle offers a picturesque setting for capturing unforgettable wedding portraits. From its serene lakeside views to the charming gardens, this intimate venue provides a captivating backdrop that blends historic charm with modern elegance.

Photographing weddings at The Lodge allows me to create timeless images amidst its tranquil surroundings, where each moment is infused with a unique blend of romance and luxury.


Enjoy your Wedding Dinner at The Lodge at Ashford Castle amid magnificent scenery for
those all-important photographs.


The opulent Harbour Ballroom is equipped with retractable screens tailored for displaying videos, photography, and messages.


You have the freedom to curate the soundtrack for your wedding day, playing it seamlessly through the integrated surround sound system.

Main dining room at The Lodge at Ashford Castle


The Wedding reception at
"The Lodge" at Ashford Castle

As the dining room doors swing open, the air crackles with anticipation.


The bride and groom step into the room, and a wave of cheers erupts.


I'm there, camera ready, capturing the magic as guests, caught in the thrill of the moment, wave their napkins in the air.

The atmosphere is electric, a symphony of laughter and joy.


The room comes alive with the rhythmic motion of swirling napkins, a spontaneous celebration that transcends tradition.


I click away, freezing the jubilant energy in each frame.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (35)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (34)

Here we go, the newlyweds, bathed in a soft spotlight, ready for their first dance.


The room holds its breath, immersed in the intimate dance that marks the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

As the last notes of the first dance linger, the atmosphere transforms.


The beat picks up, and the dance floor becomes a vibrant canvas of celebration.


I'm amidst the whirlwind of movement, photographing the contagious energy as friends and family join the dance party, laughter echoing through the air.

The room, now a haven of love and celebration, bears witness to this closing moment. I'm there, camera capturing the affectionate embrace and the quiet joy that lingers in the air.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (31)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (32)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (24)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (23)

Ready to capture your timeless memories at The Lodge?

Contact me today to book your consultation


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I don't even know where to start talking about Stefano and how incredible he was on our wedding day. Aside from capturing beautiful photos, he was calm and kind and made us comfortable throughout the whole day. I don't even know how he got the shots he did because we barely saw him once the ceremony got going. I cannot recommend him enough!!!!

Grainne & TJ



Stefano was absolutely brilliant. Such easy, efficient, organised communication from the start even before we met you in person. Our wedding photos are just wonderful - exactly what we wanted for our special day. Stefano was incredibly professional, discrete and a lovely calm quiet presence, capturing the most wonderful candid, hidden moments on our special day. We didn't know he was there and such a brilliant day - loved re-living it through all the amazing photos.
Thank you so much!

Stefano Ferrier Wedding Photographer


Stefano Ferrier just wow. The attention to detail and creativity shows in his work. Very happy to have had him to capture our special day and all those special moments with family. You would not know he is there he just gets to work and very pleasant to be around and great communication throughout the wedding before and after.Thank you Stefano for our beautiful photographs.😍

Amie & Ian

Caoimhe & Sebastian

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