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A Fairy Wedding Story at Ashford Castle, Cong, Ireland

A Wedding in Ashford Castle is always a fairytale, impossible to not be in awe!!!

Without any doubt, this Castle is a Magic Wedding Venue in Ireland and one of the major luxury Castles.


Stunning in every sense, the Wedding tale begins here. 

A legendary Castle in County Mayo gifted us with wonderful skies and rainbows


Without any doubt, this Castle is a Magic Wedding Venue in Ireland and one of the major luxury Castles.


Stunning in every sense, the Wedding tale begins here. 


The Groom is getting ready


Early morning, we are in Spiddal, a village on the shore of Galway Bay in County Galway, where the groom and his crew are getting ready for the big day.


The room is alive with laughter and camaraderie as the groom and his groomsmen, decked out in these stunning checkered blue suits, add the finishing touches.

The checkered blue suits, a stylish choice against the rustic backdrop, add a touch of sophistication to the scene.


A bonding moment shared between friends as they gear up for the wedding adventure.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (1)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (2)

Let's step into the Irish charm of Spiddal, where the groom and his mates set the tone for the big day.


The local pub is a cozy haven, the air thick with the rich aroma of Guinness and the warm hum of conversation.


I'm there, camera in tow, capturing the laughter and camaraderie that fills the air.

The groom, surrounded by his friends, raises a pint of the iconic stout.


The clink of glasses is a prelude to the festivities ahead.

With the pub echoing with traditional Irish tunes, they decide it's time to make their way to the church.


The streets of Spiddal become a runway of anticipation.


The checkered blue suits, a nod to tradition, stand out against the vibrant backdrop of the quaint town.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (5)

The bride is in the final stages of getting ready

Let's step into the bride's world as she prepares for her big day.


The house is abuzz with the contagious excitement of a wedding morning.


The bride, surrounded by her closest friends, immerses herself in the final moments before the ceremony.


The room is filled with the dulcet tones of an Irish tune as the bride, a pianist, graces us with a melody that seems to dance through the air.


The piano, adorned with the bridal bouquet, becomes a centerpiece of serenity.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (26)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (3)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (4)

With laughter echoing through the room, the wall transforms into a canvas of celebration as each balloon is carefully placed...

As they finish, the room is not just a space; it's a reflection of the bride's personality, a blend of elegance and playfulness.


They gather for a big toast, glasses clinking in celebration.


The mood is one of shared joy and anticipation, a perfect prelude to the ceremony.

The Wedding Ceremony begins

Let's immerse ourselves in the magic of this wedding day.


The bride, arm in arm with her mother, takes that unforgettable walk toward her groom.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (6)

The promises spoken are more than words; they're echoes of a future filled with love and shared dreams.


I'm capturing every glance, every nuance, as they pledge their hearts to each other.

And then comes the ring exchange, the pinnacle of tenderness.


Their eyes lock, creating a bubble of intimacy amidst the gathered witnesses.


It's a sight that needs no words; their eyes tell a story of promises kept and a lifetime ahead.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (8)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (9)

And finally, a kiss. It's not just a kiss; it's a culmination of a journey, a symbol of a love that has found its forever home.


The guests, caught in the moment, erupt in cheers.


It's more than a ceremony; it's a symphony of love...

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (10)

Photography session extravaganza on the stunning shores of Spiddal beach, County Galway, Ireland.

Let's transport ourselves to the enchanting Spiddal Beach in County Galway, where the sun paints the sandy shores in hues of gold.


The ceremony is behind us, and I find myself amidst a photography haven.

The bride and groom, radiating joy, walk hand in hand along the shoreline, the golden beach stretches for miles, a perfect canvas for their love story.


I'm there, camera clicking, capturing the tender moments and stolen glances as the bridesmaids and groomsmen join the scene.

The sea mirrors the stunning blue of the sky, creating a paradise backdrop.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (13)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (18)

The groomsmen, a lively bunch, toss their hats in the air with infectious enthusiasm.


I'm there in the midst of it all, capturing the hats mid-air, freezing those candid moments that tell a story of camaraderie.


The mood is light, carefree, and filled with the warmth of the Irish sun.


As the hats descend, there's a collective effort to catch them, a symbolic gesture of unity and shared laughter.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (15)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (14)

Unforgettable snapshots on the scenic
Ashford Castle

In the intimate embrace of Ashford Castle's tunnel, the bride and groom stand bathed in the ethereal glow of perfect light, casting a timeless spell.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (19)

Let's step into the fairytale setting of Ashford Castle in the heart of Ireland.


As we explore the castle grounds, every step feels like a dance between history and romance.


The castle, standing tall and proud, becomes the backdrop for a love story that's just beginning.


The vibrant greenery contrasts against the aged stone, creating a symphony of colors that complements the joy in the air.


The bride, adorned in elegance, and the groom, dashing in his attire, move gracefully through the gardens.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (27)

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Ashford Castle and the central fountain
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (20)



Lough Corrib view at The Lodge at Ashford Castle Wedding

The Lodge at Ashford Castle is situated just beyond the enchanting village of Cong, at the heart of Mayo, this chic and elegant sanctuary provides the perfect backdrop to make your special Wedding truly memorable.

Nestled by the serene lakeside, surrounded by splendid gardens, adorned with elegant interiors, and offering ample comfortable accommodation, imaginative cuisine, and meticulous personal service, The Lodge at Ashford Castle is the idyllic destination for your Fairytale Wedding.

The Lodge at Ashford Castle wedding
Main dining room at The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Enjoy your Wedding Dinner at The Lodge at Ashford Castle amid magnificent scenery for
those all-important photographs.


The opulent Harbour Ballroom is equipped with retractable screens tailored for displaying videos, photography, and messages.


You have the freedom to curate the soundtrack for your wedding day, playing it seamlessly through the integrated surround sound system.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (30)

The Wedding reception at "The Lodge" at Ashford Castle

As the dining room doors swing open, the air crackles with anticipation.


The bride and groom step into the room, and a wave of cheers erupts.


I'm there, camera ready, capturing the magic as guests, caught in the thrill of the moment, wave their napkins in the air.

The atmosphere is electric, a symphony of laughter and joy.


The room comes alive with the rhythmic motion of swirling napkins, a spontaneous celebration that transcends tradition.


I click away, freezing the jubilant energy in each frame.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (35)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (34)

Here we go, the newlyweds, bathed in a soft spotlight, ready for their first dance.


The room holds its breath, immersed in the intimate dance that marks the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

As the last notes of the first dance linger, the atmosphere transforms.


The beat picks up, and the dance floor becomes a vibrant canvas of celebration.


I'm amidst the whirlwind of movement, photographing the contagious energy as friends and family join the dance party, laughter echoing through the air.

The room, now a haven of love and celebration, bears witness to this closing moment. I'm there, camera capturing the affectionate embrace and the quiet joy that lingers in the air.

ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (31)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (32)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (24)
ashford-castle-wedding-photographer-ireland (23)
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