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Wedding Venue in Co. Cavan

A Stunning 4-star Luxury Hotel & Wedding Venue embraced by timeless elegance and sophistication, a distinctive charm that effortlessly captures the essence of your fairytale wedding

Cabra Castle aerial view


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Cabra Castle, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Ireland, stands as a remarkable venue that seamlessly blends history, elegance, and romance, making it an ideal setting for weddings.

Cabra Castle boasts a rich history dating back to the 19th century, and its architectural grandeur adds a touch of old-world charm to any wedding celebration.


The castle's regal structure and vintage interiors create a unique atmosphere, transporting couples and their guests to a bygone era.

8 Reasons to choose Cabra Castle:

  1. Historic Grandeur

  2. Fairytale Ambiance

  3. Nostalgic Charm

  4. Exquisite Wedding Spaces

  5. Culinary Delights

  6. Attentive Service

  7. Accommodations for Guests

  8. Ceremony location


Romantic Castles of Ireland

Romantic Castles of Ireland stands as the nation's most extensive array of independent castle hotels and venues.

Spearheaded by the Corscadden family, seasoned hoteliers spanning four generations, this distinguished collection comprises Ballyseede Castle in County Kerry, Bellingham Castle in County Louth, Cabra Castle in County Cavan, and Markree Castle in County Sligo.

Cabra Castle Derby Bar

Cabra Castle Wedding cost 

Your wedding day marks one of the most thrilling and significant moments in your life.


In recognition of this, Cabra Castle has meticulously crafted wedding packages with immense care and attention.


Regardless of your envisioned plans for this extraordinary day, the commitment to maintaining highly professional standards and delivering impeccable service guarantees that your wedding will be an unequivocal success.

Cabra Castle Wedding packages, with 2024 pricing:

The Pearl Wedding Package

starts from €94 per person

The Sapphire Wedding Package

starts from €100 per person

The Emerald Wedding Package

starts from €105 per person

The Ruby Wedding Package

starts from €115 per person

The Diamond Wedding Package

starts from €125 per person

More info:

Cabra Castle Accommodation

Cabra Castle presents a diverse selection of luxurious accommodations, catering to various tastes and preferences.


Choose from the enchanting medieval-style castle rooms, where the ambiance is complemented by four-poster beds, or opt for the charming artisan-style lodgings in the Courtyard, boasting old stone walls and picturesque views of the walled garden.

For those seeking simplicity without compromising comfort, the cottage rooms offer clean lines and may particularly appeal to the budget-conscious visitor.


Regardless of your choice, each of the 105 bedrooms is individually designed and furnished with 4-star facilities, ensuring a delightful and comfortable stay.

Civil Ceremonies at Cabra Castle

Civil ceremonies at Cabra Castle

Whether you envision an intimate gathering of 40 or a lavish celebration for up to 270 guests, Cabra Castle is a magnificent venue for your wedding.


The castle provides a splendid setting with a variety of on-site locations, each offering a wonderful backdrop for you to say "I do."

As an approved ceremony venue, Cabra Castle alleviates the stress of travel, offering a comprehensive celebration under one historic roof for your Civil, Spiritual, Humanist Ceremony, or Partnership.

For a more intimate affair, enchant your guests with a ceremony, partnership, or blessing in the exquisitely decorated Gold Room, radiating elegance.


Alternatively, it is provided the purpose-built ceremony venue adjacent to the castle, 'The Granary.'

This stunning space is ideal for indoor or outdoor Civil, Spiritualist, and Humanist Ceremonies.

Adorned with soft romantic lighting, floral roof hangings, and large floor-to-ceiling windows, 'The Granary' provides captivating views of the Cavan countryside, promising an idyllic setting in any season.

The Terrace, overlooking the gardens and Dún a Rí Forest Park, offers a romantic backdrop for your vows, creating a special atmosphere for this momentous occasion.

Wedding Function Room

Cabra Castle and its enchanting surroundings are poised to turn your Fairytale Wedding dreams into reality.

Indulge in a dining experience like no other, surrounded by candlelight and beneath the soft glow of Waterford Crystal chandeliers in the ethereal ambiance of the Grand Ballroom.


The beautifully appointed reception rooms at Cabra Castle, adorned with hand-painted ceilings and a collection of exquisite antiques, provide a unique setting where you can truly lose yourselves in the moment.


Your wedding at Cabra Castle promises to be a blend of timeless sophistication and enchanting allure.

Wedding banquet at Cabra Castle
The dining room at Cabra Castle

Planning your Wedding at Cabra Castle ? 


Are you seeking a photographer with expertise in capturing its unique charm?  

Red Carpet at Cabra Castle

Wedding Red carpet at Cabra Castle

Cabra Castle, a timeless venue steeped in history, recently hosted a traditional wedding where the red carpet stole the spotlight.


Renowned as the longest in all of Ireland, the scarlet pathway unfurled majestically, guiding the bride, groom, and guests through an enchanting journey.


As the castle's historic stones bore witness, the red carpet added a touch of regality to the celebration, creating an unforgettable experience.


In the heart of Irish elegance, Cabra Castle once again proved itself as a majestic setting for love's grand entrance.


This traditional affair left an indelible mark, echoing the allure of a red carpet that stretched as far as the eye could see.

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Cabra Castle Photography Opportunities

Cabra Castle, with its timeless charm and historic ambiance, offers a plethora of photographic opportunities that are sure to capture the essence of any special occasion.


Here are some highlights for capturing unforgettable moments:


Castle Facade:

Showcase the grandeur of Cabra Castle by capturing its stunning facade.

The castle's architecture, adorned with ivy and historic details, provides a picturesque backdrop for both wide-angle shots

and close-ups.

Red Carpet Entrance:

Seize the moment as the bride, groom, and guests make their entrance on the famous red carpet.

The vibrant contrast against the castle's exterior creates a regal and timeless scene.

Castle Grounds:

Explore the expansive grounds of Cabra Castle for natural and candid shots.

The lush gardens, manicured lawns, and hidden corners offer diverse settings for capturing intimate moments and group photographs.

Interior Elegance:

Venture inside the castle to capture the opulence of its interior. From the majestic staircase to the intricately decorated rooms, the castle's interiors provide a rich tapestry of textures and colors for elegant shots.

Ceremony Spaces:

Document the exchange of vows in the castle's atmospheric ceremony spaces.

Whether it's a chapel, courtyard, or a specially decorated room, each location offers unique opportunities for capturing the emotional highlights of the ceremony.

Lakeside Views:

Take advantage of Cabra Castle's lakeside location.

The serene waters and surrounding landscapes create a tranquil setting for romantic and scenic shots, especially during sunset.


Castle Details:

Zoom in on the intricate details of the castle, including stone carvings, archways, and antique furnishings. These shots can add a touch of historical charm to your wedding album.

Bridal Suite and Preparation Moments:

Capture the anticipation and excitement in the bridal suite as the bride gets ready.

Candid shots of final touches, laughter, and shared moments with the bridal party provide a personal touch to the album.

Dusk and Nighttime Shots:

Embrace the magical atmosphere as the day turns to night.

Capture the castle illuminated against the night sky, and consider experimenting with creative lighting techniques for a touch of romance.

Group and Candid Shots:

Document the joy and camaraderie of the celebration with group shots of family and friends.

Candid moments, laughter, and spontaneous interactions make for authentic and memorable photographs.

Cabra Castle's timeless beauty and diverse settings ensure that every corner of the venue becomes a canvas for creating a stunning visual narrative of your special day.

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