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Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Cost

Updated: Jan 25

Unveiling the Price Tag for a Magical Celebration at Luttrellstown Castle

Luttrellstown Castle Wedding cost

Navigating the Financial Landscape: Understanding the Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Cost

If you've envisioned a fairy-tale wedding set in one of the most majestic castle in Ireland, look no further than Luttrellstown Castle.

Tucked away in the picturesque Irish countryside, this enchanting castle provides an idyllic backdrop for your special day.

Rich in history and embraced by stunning gardens, Luttrellstown Castle promises to captivate both you and your guests, creating unforgettable moments.

Here you will find a brief glimpse into Luttrellstown Castle Wedding cost!

The precise cost can fluctuate based on specific needs and seasonal factors, but on average, the expense per person at Luttrellstown Castle is around €200.

This comprehensive fee encompasses venue rental, catering, and certain supplementary services.

The Wedding Package includes:

-A Prosecco reception and delightful canapés upon arrival

-A five-course menu featuring a starter, a choice of soup or sorbet, two main course options, a dessert, and tea or coffee with petits fours.

- A silent vegetarian main course alternative

- Half a bottle of house wine to complement your meal

- Evening snacks to keep the celebration going into the night

To obtain more detailed information on packages, pricing, and availability, I suggest contacting the dedicated Luttrellstown Castle wedding team directly.

They are eager to assist you in orchestrating the wedding you've always envisioned.

Bride walking towards Luttrellstown Castle

Supplementary Offerings and Upgrades

Beyond the comprehensive wedding packages, Luttrellstown Castle provides an array of additional services and enhancements to infuse a sense of luxury into your special day.

Explore possibilities such as exquisite menu choices, sophisticated floral arrangements, and entertainment that knows no bounds.

Consider indulging in the castle's spa services for pre-wedding relaxation or organizing transportation for your guests.

Whatever your preferences, the committed team at Luttrellstown Castle is devoted to ensuring your wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary.

Luttrellstown castle wedding banquet

Opting for Luttrellstown Castle as your wedding venue ensures a genuinely enchanting and memorable experience.

The castle's picturesque surroundings, impeccable service, and diverse wedding packages render it an ideal selection for couples aspiring to a fairytale wedding.

Luttrellstown castle banquet hall

Offering an array of package options, supplementary services, and opulent accommodations, Luttrellstown Castle is dedicated to assisting you in crafting the wedding of your dreams.

Luttrellstown castle wedding grand entrance

Embark on your planning journey today, and transform your dream wedding into reality at Luttrellstown Castle.

Beautiful Bride and her Bridesmaids walking down at Luttrellstown Castle

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