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Liss Ard Estate Wedding, Skibbereen

A perfect Wedding experience in a Georgian Country Manor, with clean white decor, manicured gardens, and a private lake, a unique venue for your wedding.

Liss Ard Estate is a beautiful and picturesque wedding venue located in County Cork, Ireland.

This historic estate is known for its stunning landscapes, luxurious accommodations, and elegant event spaces, making it a popular choice for couples looking to have a romantic and memorable wedding. 

Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (19)
Liss Ard Estate Wedding, white decors and flowers

Liss Ard Estate is situated in a serene and tranquil setting, surrounded by lush gardens, woodlands, and a 50-acre lake. It offers a peaceful and idyllic backdrop for weddings, providing a sense of exclusivity and privacy.

Liss Ard Estate Wedding, Panoramic view
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Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (5)
Liss Ard Estate Weddding toast with parents
Liss Ard Estate Wedding dress, wedding photographer
Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (26)
Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (8)
Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (10)
Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (11)

Featured in:  RSVP Magazine

Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (12)
Liss Ard Estate Wedding photographer

Photography Opportunities:
The estate's beautiful gardens, wooded areas, and lake provide numerous opportunities for stunning wedding photography.

The natural beauty of the estate is a major selling point for couples looking to capture timeless and memorable moments on their special day.

Liss Ard Estate woodland, wedding photographer
Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (20)
Liss-Ard-Estate-wedding-photographer (21)
Liss Ard Estate string ensemble in the park

Exclusive Use:
Many couples appreciate that Liss Ard Estate often offers exclusive use of the property for weddings.

This ensures privacy and allows you to enjoy the estate and its amenities with your guests without any interruptions.

Liss Ard Estate wedding toast, wedding photographer
Liss Ard Estate first dance, wedding photographer
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