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How I Work as a Documentary Wedding Photographer

Updated: Mar 1

The Secret to creating

Natural and Documentary Photography at Weddings

(At the bottom of this page you will find my secret that always accompanies me during Weddings)

Well, I see myself as a photographer focused on capturing weddings, rather than simply labeling myself as a wedding photographer.

I believe that creating pictures requires more than a visual observation; an image must fully embody the moment and the photographer must have a real-time response to what's happening around.

Nowadays, everyone can take perfect photographs, digital cameras and smartphones can produce high-quality images.

But a meaningful image creates something new out of what life presents you with; therein lies the difference between taking and making photographs.

Happy couple kissing while toasting

While I specialize in capturing the candid moments and authentic emotions of weddings with my photojournalistic approach, I also appreciate and excel in the artistry of editorial style and fashion photography.

Wedding at Trinity College, Dublin

Observe, compose, capture, stand out

Memories hold a special place in our lives, and through them, I've had the privilege of experiencing the enchantment that photography brings.

My creative inspiration draws heavily from cinema, books, paintings, conceptual...

Constantly influenced by these elements, I aim to discover something unique around every corner.

Bride and groom are smiling in front a champagne glasses

Preserving Memories:

The Powerful Essence of Photography

Photography has the remarkable power to transport us back to specific moments and revive our senses.

It preserves intricate details, narrates stories, and triggers a deep, sensory recollection.

Because of this, I've always looked at photography with a sense of reverence.

I've learned that the art of photography starts well before you turn on the camera.

It's equally about keen observation and awareness.

Bride hugs grandad at the exit of the church at Kilkenny

The best compliment I have received!

During a shoot, I exclusively relied on my camera, and by the end, the bride had no idea

I had been capturing moments.

To me, it's one of the greatest compliments a photographer can receive.

There's a certain liberating feeling in making the camera almost invisible.

Crafting Authentic Moments

When you master the art of blending in and adjusting your perspective, a unique advantage emerges.

It offers a fresh outlook on capturing photographs, where authenticity prevails in everyone and everything around you.

It's at that moment you realize it's the perfect time to take a picture.

Wedding guests are really enjoying the beer

The moment you lose yourself in what you're doing and focus your attention and thoughts on your subject rather than yourself, you are able to make meaningful pictures.

And this is true no matter what type of project you're working on.

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