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Wedding at Waterford Castle

I’m Stefano, a Waterford Wedding Photographer for couples who dislike posing for photos but want to capture their guests having the craic and enjoying their big day.

The best wedding photography allows you to plan a day full of joy and excitement, ensuring you get beautiful photos without spending too much time away from your guests.

Wedding photography in Ireland captures the fun and the people:

from the morning preparations and the ceremony to the reception, wedding portraits, moments with family and friends, speeches, and dancing the night away.
I work discreetly in the background, allowing you to simply enjoy your day.

As a wedding photographer in County Waterford, I have access to many beautiful locations and venues in the county and surrounding areas.

Throughout the wedding day, I strive to capture those unique moments and genuine expressions that narrate a compelling story and preserve the essence of your special day.



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of Ireland Wedding Photographer Stefano Ferrier


Scenic views, historic sites, amazing landscapes 

Wedding Photographer in Waterford

In Waterford County, wedding photos are truly enchanting.

Amidst historic architecture and picturesque landscapes, Waterford boasts a variety of stunning locations perfect for capturing the most memorable moments of a couple's special day.


With its charming villages, iconic landmarks, and lush scenery, Waterford County offers numerous enchanting settings for wedding photography.

From the historic charm of Reginald's Tower and the elegance of Waterford Cathedral to the serene atmosphere of the River Suir and the verdant grounds of Mount Congreve Gardens, every corner of this scenic county provides a captivating backdrop for creating wedding portraits that are as beautiful as they are unforgettable.

Photographing in County Waterford is a privilege, as it seamlessly blends historic charm with natural beauty, allowing me to capture images that are both timeless and enchanting.

For couples seeking a wedding venue that epitomizes romance and rustic elegance, County Waterford offers a truly magical setting to capture the essence of their love story.

With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and unparalleled beauty, County Waterford provides the perfect backdrop for creating wedding photos that are as enchanting and unforgettable as the day itself.

Waterford Castle Golf
Wedding Photography in Waterford
Waterford Castle window
Faithlegg House Wedding Photography

Dream Weddings in Waterford County: Top 5 Benefits

1 - Proximity to Coast

With its proximity to the coast, Waterford County offers the opportunity for seaside weddings or beachside receptions, combining natural beauty with the calming sounds of the ocean, creating a memorable experience for all.

2 - Rich Cultural Heritage

Couples and guests can immerse themselves in the county's vibrant culture, including its strong ties to traditional Irish music and dance, adding a unique cultural experience to the wedding festivities.

3 - Rustic Elegance

Many wedding venues in Waterford County blend rustic charm with modern amenities, offering couples a range of options from elegant manor houses to cozy countryside barns, perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere.

4 - Scenic Landscapes

The county is renowned for its stunning landscapes, from the tranquil banks of the River Suir to the lush gardens of Mount Congreve, offering diverse and beautiful settings for wedding venues and outdoor celebrations.

5 - Historic Charm

Waterford County boasts rich historical sites such as Reginald's Tower and the medieval city walls, providing a unique and picturesque backdrop for wedding ceremonies and photos.


I offer couples three flexible wedding packages, each thoughtfully crafted to suit their individual requirements. 

These packages can be tailored to include a range of coverage options, extra photographers, and complementary shooting packages, ensuring every aspect of their special day is captured just as they envision.

Bride and Groom kissing

Personalize your Wedding Package with customizable hourly coverage.


  • Second photographer: A second photographer captures additional angles and candid moments, providing more comprehensive coverage of the event. 

  • Video coverage: Professional video coverage records the wedding in motion, preserving the day's emotions, speeches, and atmosphere in a dynamic format that complements the still photos.

  • Drone coverage: Drone coverage offers aerial shots of the venue and event, providing unique, sweeping views that add a dramatic and cinematic element to the wedding album and video.

  • Extra coverage: Extra coverage extends the hours a photographer or videographer is present, capturing more of the pre-ceremony preparations, late-night celebrations, or other significant moments.

  • Priority photo delivery: Priority photo delivery ensures that the couple receives their edited wedding photos faster than usual.

  • Graphistudio Wedding Albums: Graphistudio Fine-Art Albums are high-quality, custom-designed photo books that showcase wedding images in an elegant, durable format, providing a lasting keepsake for the couple.


Black and White Bride Portrait


- Coverage up to 8 hours 

- Delivery of all digital images taken

    in Full Resolution

- Individual editing of min. 150

    selected images

- Fine-tuned editing

   (advanced digital enhancement)

- Guaranteed delivery within

    6 months from the Event Date

- All Ireland travel


Black and White Bride Portrait

- Coverage up to 10 hours 

- Delivery of all digital images taken

    in Full Resolution

- Individual editing of min. 200

    selected images

- Fine-tuned editing

   (advanced digital enhancement)

- Guaranteed delivery within

    6 months from the Event Date

- All Ireland travel


Black and White Bride Portrait

- Coverage up to 12 hours 

- Delivery of all digital images taken

    in Full Resolution

- Individual editing of min. 250

    selected images

- Fine-tuned editing

   (advanced digital enhancement)

- Guaranteed delivery within

    6 months from the Event Date

- All Ireland travel


Three Stages from a Local Expert

01 - Initial Consultation:

The photographer meets with the couple to understand their vision, preferences, and specific requirements.
This can be done in person or virtually.

02 - Location Scouting:

The photographer might explore various locations around County Waterford to discover the ideal spots for the shoot.

Popular choices include Waterford City, Ardmore, Dungarvan, Tramore, Lismore, Dunmore East, and more...

03 - Timeline Planning:

The photographer helps the couple plan a timeline that includes key moments like the ceremony, family portraits, and couple’s session without interfering with the flow of the day.

Wedding Photographer in Waterford


Allyson stood by the window in the grand room of Waterford Castle, her wedding gown cascading around her like ivory silk.

Sunlight streamed through the ancient glass, casting a warm glow on her and her two daughters, who excitedly were preparing.


The room hummed with anticipation as the final touches were applied: a gentle mist of perfume, the clasp of heirloom jewelry.


Allyson's reflection in the antique mirror twinkled with joy and anticipation, knowing that beyond these walls, Kevin awaited her, ready to embark on their next chapter together amidst the historic beauty of Waterford Castle.

Waterford Castle logo
Wedding Photography in Waterford
Waterford Castle Wedding photographer
Waterford Castle Bride
Getting ready at Waterford Castle
Getting ready at Waterford Castle

Under the canopy of a towering oak tree on the lush lawn of Waterford Castle, Allyson and Kevin exchanged heartfelt vows.


The gentle breeze carried their words to the ears of loved ones gathered nearby, while the sun peeked through the leaves, casting a soft glow on their smiling faces.


With each promise spoken, the serene surroundings echoed their love, creating a timeless moment of intimacy and joy.

Waterford Castle Wedding celebration
Waterford Castle
Wedding Photography in Waterford

After their heartfelt civil ceremony under the oak tree at Waterford Castle, Allyson and Kevin embraced their daughter in a tender family portrait.


The castle's gardens provided a picturesque backdrop as they strolled hand in hand, capturing moments of laughter and whispered promises.


With each click of the camera, their love and joy radiated through every frame.

As the sun set over Waterford Castle, Allyson and Kevin's reception was in full swing.


Following their magical first dance, laughter filled the air as an Irish dance teacher took the stage.


With infectious energy, guests eagerly joined in, attempting lively jigs and reels.

The dance lessons became a highlight of the evening, blending tradition with laughter, and creating memories that would forever weave into the fabric of their wedding day at Waterford Castle.

Wedding Photography in Waterford Castle
Waterford Castle
First dance at Waterford Castle


Mountain-View-Kilkenny-Wedding-Photographer (22)


I don't even know where to start talking about Stefano and how incredible he was on our wedding day. Aside from capturing beautiful photos, he was calm and kind and made us comfortable throughout the whole day. I don't even know how he got the shots he did because we barely saw him once the ceremony got going. I cannot recommend him enough!!!!

Grainne & TJ



Stefano was absolutely brilliant. Such easy, efficient, organised communication from the start even before we met you in person. Our wedding photos are just wonderful - exactly what we wanted for our special day. Stefano was incredibly professional, discrete and a lovely calm quiet presence, capturing the most wonderful candid, hidden moments on our special day. We didn't know he was there and such a brilliant day - loved re-living it through all the amazing photos.
Thank you so much!

Stefano Ferrier Wedding Photographer


Stefano Ferrier just wow. The attention to detail and creativity shows in his work. Very happy to have had him to capture our special day and all those special moments with family. You would not know he is there he just gets to work and very pleasant to be around and great communication throughout the wedding before and after.Thank you Stefano for our beautiful photographs.😍

Amie & Ian

Caoimhe & Sebastian

in Waterford

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Faithlegg House Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photography in Waterford


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