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Horetown House Wexford Wedding
The story of Jamie and Conor

An original 17th century warm and friendly country house wedding venue

Horetown House in Wexford stands out as one of Ireland's most unique wedding venues.


This stylish house, constructed in 1962, is situated in the Sunny South-East of Ireland at Folksmills, Horetown, Co. Wexford.

The ideal setting for Weddings, surrounded by romantic gardens, and sprawling parkland, Horetown House is an amazing backdrop for those seeking a more

natural Wedding in Ireland.


Immerse yourself in the charm of a bygone era with Wedding Photos at Horetown House in Wexford

This is the Story of Jamie and Conor

Step into a world of timeless elegance and delightful vintage ambiance that promises an extraordinary experience.


Weddings at Horetown House are not just events; they are a fusion of warmth, hospitality, entertainment, and, above all, a laid-back atmosphere.


Keep reading to discover the magic of creating beautiful memories against the backdrop of Horetown House.

Jamie and Conor were both drawn to the charm of this historical town, known for its picturesque landscapes and warm-hearted people.


Little did they know that their journey would lead them to the enchanting Horetown House, where their love story would unfold.

Jamie and Conor dreamt of a wedding that reflected the uniqueness of their story.


They yearned for a venue that mirrored their eclectic personalities and offered a blend of history and modernity.


After an extensive search, they discovered Horetown House, a stylish haven nestled in the Sunny South-East of Ireland.


The couple was captivated by the house's distinctive 1962 architecture, which exuded a timeless charm.


The lush grounds and sunlit gardens spoke to Jamie's artistic soul, providing the perfect backdrop for their love-filled celebration.


Moreover, Horetown House offered an all-encompassing experience, allowing the couple to have both their ceremony and reception in one remarkable location.

Conor's preparation


The air was thick with excitement as the groom, surrounded by his closest friends, prepared for the momentous day ahead.

In the midst of the final preparations, someone in the room couldn't resist the urge to share a joke.


The punchline resonated through the air like a delightful melody, breaking any tension that lingered.


The room erupted in laughter, and the groom, temporarily distracted from the gravity of the moment, broke into a wide, infectious smile.


Capturing eternal moments, Jamie's preparation

In a sunlit room at Horetown House, the air was charged with a blend of excitement and joy as the bride prepared for her special day.


The bride, a vision of anticipation, her eyes sparkling with the thrill of what lay ahead.


Behind her stood her mother, a picture of radiant happiness, her smile mirroring the profound joy she felt for her daughter.


The talented make-up artist delicately worked her magic, enhancing the bride's natural beauty.


Suddenly, a burst of laughter erupted from the bridesmaids, creating an infectious atmosphere of merriment.


The room echoed with the sound of shared joy, and the bridesmaid couldn't help but join in, her laughter intertwining with that of her closest friends.

The laughter subsided into a tender moment as one of the bridesmaids enveloped the bride in a heartfelt hug.


It was a silent exchange of happiness, an unspoken acknowledgment of the bonds that tied them together.


The warmth of the embrace lingered in the air, encapsulating the deep connection shared between the bride and her chosen companions.


The First Look at Horetown House

In the elegant ambiance of Horetown House, the anticipation before the wedding ceremony reached its pinnacle.


The excited Jamie, adorned in her ethereal veil, descended the staircase with deliberate grace.


At the foot of the staircase stood Conor, his eyes alight with anticipation and impatience.


As the bride descended, each step seemed to draw out the suspense, building a crescendo of emotion.


The air was charged with an electric anticipation, finally, the moment arrived.


Jamie reached the last step, and her eyes met those of Conor.


The groom, overwhelmed with joy and awe at the sight of his soon-to-be bride, couldn't contain his elation.


A burst of pure joy erupted from him in a jubilant scream that resonated through the halls of Horetown House.

In the next heartbeat, they closed the distance between them, and the room was filled with the soft rustle of fabric as the groom enveloped the bride in a sweet and tender embrace.


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The Civil Ceremony in the White Room

The aisle, adorned with delicate petals, served as the ethereal path for the bride.


As she walked down with grace that mirrored the rhythm of her beating heart, the eyes of every guest were fixed upon her, their collective breath caught in the enchantment of the moment.

When the bride reached the groom, a hush fell over the gathering, and the two locked eyes in a silent exchange that spoke volumes.


At that moment, her eyes revealed a myriad of emotions of love. 

The embrace that followed was not merely a physical joining of two bodies but a merging of souls.


The bride's arms wrapped around the groom in the sweetest manner, a gesture that conveyed an unspoken promise of unwavering support, enduring love, and a lifetime of shared adventures.

Horetown House Wedding Bride smiling

Weddings at Horetown House

Weddings here are a step into a world where history, romance, and personalization converge to create an extraordinary wedding experience.


From the timeless elegance of its architecture to the personalized service and breathtaking surroundings, Horetown House stands as a testament to the notion that some venues are destined to be the backdrop of truly magical moments.

The Photos at the Pub in the cellar of Horetown House

Step into the past at the 1692 Bar, an intimate and charming Irish pub nestled in the authentic cellar of the historic building.


Illuminated by a soft glow, the ambiance is enriched by an inviting open fire, vaulted ceilings, and rustic stone walls.

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